Benefits of Investing in Business Marketing (and how caveat loans can help)

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Since a certain global pandemic began wreaking havoc on our health and livelihoods, adjustments have been made in the home, in social settings and, of course, at work.

Business owners have been forced to carry the heavy burden of the fallout — and we’ve been helping them access caveat loans to ease the burden.

From closed coffee shops to overstretched delivery services, there is no facet of consumer culture that has not been impacted.

Australian businesses have not been spared. We’ve seen staff shortages on the one hand and redundancies on the other.

And as the cost of living rises sharply, more businesses are scrambling to find quick answers to a financial problem that isn’t going away.

This might not seem the right time for you to dive headfirst into marketing activity. Investing in new software, new staff, or advertising seems unrealistic for many companies.

Some of you may have already dipped into the marketing budget to fill gaping holes elsewhere.

When times are tough, marketing managers will tell you that their department usually takes the first hit, and those budget cuts hurt.

They’ll also tell you that it’s during the toughest times that it’s most important to tell your story and tell it right.

Here’s why investing in business marketing is so beneficial and how to get started with even a small budget.

We’re all just people at the end of the day

Whether in b2b or b2c business, you always sell something to a human being. That person must find out about you somehow, they must weigh your service or product against competitors and make decisions based on cost, emotions, ease and suitability.

Six significant elements must be addressed to create a marketing strategy that delivers: awareness, interest, evaluation, trial, adoption and loyalty.

Each of these steps is bolstered by specific marketing activity that generates awareness and interest for your brand, services and/or products.

Marketing automation tools allow the tracking of individual customers from step one to six, because losing track of customers, and forgetting who they are and why you’re important to them is a costly mistake.

People like to be remembered. Only with individually personalised information can you personalise a sales journey.

Get to know your customer’s likes and dislikes, address them with intention and DO SWEAT the details.

If your customer prefers non-gender-specific pronouns, do not underestimate the importance of using them.

Respect will get you far, and knowledge tools can help you be the best person-focused brand possible.

Beat staff shortages by bringing work home

With childcare and school sickness policies tightening, and long wait lists for care, the already stressed employment sector is buckling.

Where possible, use your marketing channels and intranet software to connect teams outside of the workplace.

Despite the size of your business or the silo culture that may exist, it’s always necessary for teams to work together to solve problems, work on projects and create efficient workflows and funnels.

As more employees require the flexibility to work from home, it is more important to ensure platforms exist to facilitate teamwork, updates, messaging and strong brand communications from any location.

Invest in technology from an educational perspective so that all employees are comfortable and able to use it to communicate and perform tasks.

Investment in streamlined platforms created specifically for the jobs you need to complete is not just smart from a marketing perspective, it’s smart, forward-thinking business.

Word of mouth

The age-old power of word-of-mouth endures.

When satisfied customers like your brand, have an enjoyable experience or get the ‘bang for their buck’ they hoped for, they want to talk about it.

When your customers tell friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances about your brand, you’re getting an endorsement that money can’t buy.

But if you’re not occupying space where they have those conversations, money can’t do much else either.

The difference is that the conversations that used to happen over the neighbour’s fence, the local hardware store, or the trusty landline, are happening online and on specific platforms every day.

Your customer’s stories are your stories. And they are playing out online whether you like it or not.

The best strategy is to be front and centre where your customers talk, and acquire positive reviews that tell a strong story — the right story.

Your shop window is a Facebook page, a website, or even a simple Instagram handle. It ushers your customers in the direction you want them to take and shows them the best of your brand.

You don’t need to pay big money for a social influencer to make an impact. Just be real.

Build valuable relationships

Marketing channels facilitate loyalty – and loyalty should be rewarded.

Why not offer exclusive deals, coupons, content or early access for your VIP clientele? It’s as simple as direct email marketing or using software that allows returning customers to store their details, log in, and keep up-to-date with your brand.

Drive leads by rewarding actions such as 5-star reviews, likes, shares and comments.


Social media channels, event marketing and story-telling via your website, PR or another form of content coverage puts your brand in the here and now.

Talk to your customers about how you solve the problems that are important to them.

This keeps you relevant and meaningful, and staying current means always staying relevant.

As your brand grows and evolves, so do your customers and the wider market.

Adapt your strategy, invest in marketing materials that reflect your brand culture, your offerings and your products in a way that shows you’re dedicated to being at the forefront of your industry.

Investing with budgets of any size – at any time

Some companies dedicate large marketing budgets to acquiring new leads, launching products, closing deals and retaining customers.

But you can start as big or as small as is necessary.

A website build and a rebrand is an expensive but often necessary activity, while investing in social media distribution channels is a way to pick that gorgeously ripe, low-hanging fruit.

The beauty of finance options is that they are just as varied.

Adopting one of our caveat loan options may be a great way to get your feet well and truly through your customer’s front door. And once you’re in, start exploring.

Finance options to suit your needs

A caveat loan could be right for you if you have real estate property rather than immediately accessible cash flow.

If you’ve been turned away by the big banks or want a simple way to draw funds without dealing with a bank, consider a caveat loan.

We offer fast access to money that is secured against your existing assets, and take the ‘work’ out of paperwork.

Borrow enough to get your marketing team up and running and your brand easily recognisable.

You can even borrow up to 75% of the equity built up in your property and take your new love of marketing to the next level.

Create a strategy based on results and longevity, and turn up where your customers can see you.

Our team of dedicated lending professionals operates right here in Australia.

It’s our mission to help as many Australian businesses as possible fulfil the great Australian dream. Become a financially secure, successful business and enjoy the wonderful lifestyle opportunities your hard work will facilitate.

Whether in construction, cosmetics, or e-commerce, marketing is a must for every organisation.

Not every marketing tool or social platform is suitable for everyone. Being selective based on your business goals and your customer needs is crucial.

Invest wisely by utilising your existing resources. If you don’t have a marketing team, consider a strategist or consultant and incrementally build your team.

Make marketing choices that make money and sense.

Contact our team to talk about taking that first step with caveat loans. Once you’re on the road to a valuable marketing journey, you’ll never look back.

Caveat loans explained

What can I use a short-term caveat loan for?

Caveat loans can be accessed and used for any worthwhile business purposes — including an investment in business marketing. They may be much easier and faster to access than bank loans and other forms of business loans.

How do short-term caveat loans work and how are caveat loans secured?

After you apply for a caveat loan and have received approval (which can happen within minutes), a legal caveat is registered on the property title. The caveat restricts a possible property sale and remains in place until the loan amount is repaid. This is different to a mortgage and second mortgage because the lender is not able to repossess the security property if the owner defaults on the loan. The caveat simply sits behind a first and second mortgage. Essentially, they are secured by property, but the lender cannot technically repossess the asset.

How much can I borrow with fast caveat loans?

If you’re looking to get a caveat loan, you will need to have equity in your real estate property (residential property or commercial property). You can access up to 75% of the equity amount.

Do I need legal or financial advice to access caveat lending?

We always recommend business owners access advice if they feel they need to. While specialists in commercial finance, we are not able to provide legal or financial advice.

Can I get a caveat loan with bad credit history?

With private lending, your credit file won’t hold you back if you need finance. We look at your exit strategy and develop repayment schedules to ensure you’re able to repay your loan amount, rather than looking at your credit file. This can make urgent caveat loans a great short-term business loan option for many business owners.

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